Variety of spreads

If you want to indulge Europe’s palate, you also have to come up with a variety in the area of spreads. The STUTE range of products includes jams, marmalades, jellies, fruit spreads, and our popular nut nougat cream; as well as a selection of high quality honeys and savory spreads/dips. Decades of experience in the production of jams and fruit spreads as well as the use of state-of-the-art technology make it possible to meet an exceptionally high quality standard. It is produced in high-performance vacuum cooking kettles, which feature state of the art processing technology and guarantee a gentle treatment of the fruits, fully preserving the aroma.

STUTE has you covered when it comes to comprehensively covering the breakfast table.

Sweet spreads

Fruity spreads

Our delicious recipes come in many varieties: In addition to the classics (such as our jams), we also manufacture seasonal products and products based upon sales promotions. We are also happy to implement unique creations according to customer wishes. Our filling lines reach a total capacity of several hundred thousand jars per day. We process selected fruits particularly gently, filled into various 135 to 600 gram glass forms with our high-performance vacuum cooking kettles.


In general, a jam is a spread made from boiled fruit and sugars. Pectin and an edible acid (e.g. citric acid) are then added to this. According to Germany’s Jam Regulation, there are two quality levels: Jam extra and jam. The fruit content is at least 45 percent for a jam extra and at least 35 percent for a jam.


The term “marmalade” is used in everyday language for all fruity spreads. However, according to Germany’s Jam Regulation, the term jam is reserved for products made from citrus fruits (e.g. orange, grapefruit, lemon). The fruit content must be at least 20 percent.


A jelly is a sweet spread with a gelatinous consistency. It is made from fruit juice and sugars with the addition of pectin. The fruit content is at least 45 percent for a jelly extra and at least 35 percent for a jelly. Exceptions also apply here to certain fruits, e.g. currants, rosehips, and quinces.


Fruit spreads

Fruit spreads are not regulated by the Jam Regulation. Thus there are no legal requirements regarding the fruit and sugar content. Compared to jams, fruit spreads usually have a higher fruit content (e.g. 75 percent) and a lower total sugar content.

Savory spreads/dips (e.g. chutneys)

Chutneys are originally from Indian cuisine and mostly have a zesty, sweet-and-sour, or spicy-savory taste. They are cooked in a similar way to fruit and vegetable marmalades. They are refined with spices, ginger, chili, vinegar, or other ingredients. The chutneys can either contain large pieces or be strained creamy.


Our specialties include gourmet creams, vegetable spreads, and fruit pulp. Each spread can be filled into different jars with caps of your choice and feature your desired labeling. Quality controls by independent institutes oversee the entire manufacturing process.

Honeys and…

The STUTE raw ingredient specialists only buy the best honeys from the world’s best-known harvesting countries. Upon delivery in Paderborn, quality assurance verifies the provenance of the honey and examines it for possible contaminants.

All honeys sold in Germany are subject to the German Honey Regulation. This defines honey as follows:
“Honey is the natural sweetener produced by bees wherein bees absorb nectar from plants or secretions of living parts of plants or secretions from plant-sucking insects found on living parts of plants, convert, store, dehydrate, and ingest them by combination with their own specific substances and store them in the honeycomb of the hive and let them mature.”


STUTE processes only selected raw materials. Independent institutes verify the honey yields, the provenances, and carry out regular quality controls. Strict selection criteria and careful processing procedures ensure the color and flavor diversity of our honeys.

You can find additional information all about the topic at the homepage of Honig-Verband e.V.

…nut nougat creams

What applies to fruit processing is also a principle in the production of nut nougat cream: STUTE controls the entire production process, which leads to exceptional quality without fail. The selection of raw materials is an important basis for the high quality standard here as well. Freshly harvested hazelnuts are peeled, roasted, and ground directly into nut paste. This completely closed system is fully automated with constant temperature control. Due in no small part to the addition of wholly aromatic cocoa and skim milk, the nut-nougat cream, which is popular with children, is created.

Duo-creams with different flavors are also produced.

Sweet creams

Our factory produces high-quality, delicately spreadable nut nougat and duo-creams as well as special creams in various flavors, e.g. strawberry yoghurt, hazelnut, or cappuccino, which provide a sweet and aromatic taste experience.

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